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Creative CSS Drawing Course : Make Art With CSS

《Creative CSS Drawing Course : Make Art With CSS》

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level up your CSS skills by learning how to create more than 20 drawings, shapes and logos using CSS only.

What you’ll learn
create more than 20 different drawings, shapes and logos using CSS only
take your CSS skills to the next level using different creative approach

basic CSS skills are required like positioning elements, adding different styles, colors and so on
code editor and browser
If you get bored of regular CSS courses in which the instructor builds web pages and want to try something new that takes your CSS skills to the next level using different creative approach then this course is for you.
or if you just want to push all your CSS skills to their limits and learn how to use them to create drawings, shapes and logos the course is also for you.
I’m Ahmed Sadek a full stack web developer and designer with more than 8 years of experience experience and I wanna welcome you to my creative CSS drawing course, this course will help you get the most out of your CSS skills because you will create more than 20 different shapes, logos and drawings and some of them are complex drawings that are different from web pages and the ways you create them are different so this will help you open your mind for things you didn’t know you can create with CSS, and it will be just fun to be able to create these drawings using CSS.
But before taking this course you should have basic knowledge of CSS things like positioning elements on the screen, adding borders and backgrounds, just some basic CSS knowledge.
the drawings and logos we are gonna create include things like ( batman logo, adidas logo, brackets (code editor) logo, captain america armor, camera drawing, donut drawing, diamond drawing, git logo, google logo, homer drawing, instagram logo, panda drawing, pepsi logo, and a lot more!
you don’t have to watch the lessons in a specific order you can just move around and watch whatever lesson you want.
Who this course is for:
web designers and developers who want to enhance their CSS skills
anyone who has basic CSS skills and want to have some fun learning how to draw shapes and logos with CSS



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