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HQPlayer Desktop 4.5.1 x64

《HQPlayer Desktop 4.5.1 x64》


File size: 110 MB

HQPlayer Pro is a high-quality audio file converter, recorder, and player. HQPlayer features several user-selectable high-quality resamplers as well as user-selectable dither/noise shaping algorithms and delta-sigma modulators. It is mainly intended as a mastering post-production tool for producing high-quality final distribution files in various formats. Any of the supported source formats can be converted to any of the supported destination formats. For example, DXD intermediate format from Pyramix can be converted to both PCM and DSD outputs.

Recording and playback are also supported in both PCM and SDM (DSD) formats. Playback feature also allows monitoring of final output format during conversion and recording, monitoring can be enabled/disabled on the fly.

HQPlayer Pro also includes a pipeline matrix for performing channel routing, mixing and gain adjustments, including convolution engine for applying advanced equalization or other kinds of effects.

Whats New:
New poly-sinc-long filters to fill the gap between poly-sinc and poly-sinc-xtr/ext2. Added support for CD playback on macOS. Support for matrix pipeline configuration profiles that can be switched remotely. New stream buffering implementation for Roon and other streaming sources. NAA protocol handling fixes. CPU core allocation improvements with better SMT support. Various fixes and component updates.



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