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Edraw MindMaster Pro 7.2.2 Multilingual

《Edraw MindMaster Pro 7.2.2 Multilingual》

MindMaster 是一款跨平台且多功能的思维导图软件,它具有简洁的操作界面、稳定性高、自定义功能强大等特点,让您快速创建内容丰富、时尚精美的思维导图。MindMaster 可以免费无限时长使用,同时付费解锁专业版功能。MindMaster 专业版在免费版基础上增加了多格式导出、甘特图、增强主题、团队协作和幻灯片等多个实用功能,方便使用者在制作复杂内容时更加得心应手。

Multilingual | File size: 117 MB

Mindmapping tools can help improve productivity at work, create well-structured presentations, manage projects easier, assign tasks optimally, generate multifunctional charts, and more. There are many such programs available out there, and Edraw MindMaster tries to stand out from the crowd.
Create mindmaps using intuitive tools
Wrapped in a professional-looking interface, MindMaster comes bundled with rich features dedicated to mind maps, from customizing the page to putting on a slideshow. Its options are intuitive enough to be handled with ease even by users less experienced with such software.

The utility has blank templates for putting together radial, right, tree, org-chart and concept maps from scratch, as well as local examples, such as six thinking hats, conference, family meeting, negotiation, decision making, book analysis, keeping a balanced diet, reducing global warming, and being more effective at work.

Projects can be exported to JPG, HTML, PDF, SVG, Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint, MindManager, multi-page TIFF, PS or EPS format.

Insert object, create relationships, and configure various settings
You can insert topics, subtopics, floating or multiple topics, set relationships, add callouts, clipart, hyperlinks, attachments, notes, comments and tags, and check out the outline of the project. Various graphical elements can be inserted to represent priorities, progress, or the business scene, for example. When it comes to task information, you can edit the resources, priority, progress, start and end date and duration, as well as mark milestones.

MindMaster has options for changing the layout, numbering, picking the map theme, theme font and colors, setting normal or hand-drawn style, modifying the background color or image, and applying watermarks. Slideshows can be played and exported to PPT or PDF filetype. Advanced features give you the possibility to generate Gantt charts and configure settings, find and replace text with advanced filters, use a spellchecker, and recover files from saved history.

Comprehensive mindmapping tool
The project worked smoothly in our tests on Windows 10 while remaining light on system resources consumption. Considering its clear-cut interface and options, Edraw MindMaster should meet the requirements of many users looking for a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use mindmaping tool.

Whats new:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.



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