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Safe Software FME Desktop v2020.0.20200 Win/Mac

《Safe Software FME Desktop v2020.0.20200 Win/Mac》

FME Desktop 200是Safe Software公司开发的一款强大专业的空间数据转换器和处理器软件,FME的集成平台使连接数百个系统,以无限方式转换数据以及自动化工作流程变得简单。FME Desktop允许您从数百个来源输入数据并输出数百个。将数据从A转换为B,执行复杂的企业集成或简化繁琐的任务。

FME Desktop包含475多个数据转换器,使您可以完全控制数据的内容,结构和样式。此外,没有工具能够更好地处理空间数据的复杂性。FME可以转换空间数据以供使用和共享。与其他任何解决方案相比,它解决了更多格式的空间数据转换挑战,使专业人员更容易解决数据互操作性问题,并帮助他们的组织实现业务目标和所需标准。FME Desktop可以快速,简单地在多种格式之间转换数据。只需指向并单击即可创建移动数据的图形数据流。如今,FME是空间数据转换的主导技术。它支持FME桌面和服务器软件以及比任何其他技术更领先的空间数据应用程序供应商的解决方案。它被全球数以万计的客户广泛使用。

Safe Software FME Desktop v2020.0.20200 (Win/Mac) | 1.45/1.67 /1.34 Gb

Stop fighting your data and start using it. FME Desktop supports 450+ formats and applications to help you integrate and transform your data exactly for your needs. Build workspaces in FME Desktop’s drag-and-drop interface and re-use your workflows anytime you need to.

While coding is not required to build workflows, FME Desktop supports languages like Python and R to give you the flexibility to extend your workflows. From simple data conversions or complex integrations, FME Desktop can do it all!

Hundreds of Data Options
FME Desktop is used in local governments, utilities, and many other industries to facilitate data integration workflows with its powerful data conversion capabilities.

Read from or write to any of the 450+ supported formats and applications. Choose what tools and applications you want to use based on your needs, and let your data follow your lead.

Custom Transformations
Turn your data conversion workflows into data transformation workflows by using FME transformers. Everyone’s data needs are unique and your data workflows should be, too!

Connect transformers any way you’d like to ensure you are generating the exact dataset you need. Set and save your parameters so they can be preset the next time you create a workflow. Every second counts!

Sleek Visual Interface
Not only is FME Desktop powerful – it’s fun and easy to use too! Drag and drop your readers, transformers, and writers in the order you’d like and connect them together.

Customize your display with options like dark-mode, styled connection lines, and bookmarks that help organize various parts of your workflow. FME Desktop is all about doing things the way you want to.

Preview Data Changes
Experimenting with data transformations can help you uncover more details about your data. Inspect and preview your data at any transformation point of your workflow directly within FME Desktop without committing to saving a new file on your computer.

This provides you with the freedom to review how the workflow changes your data without creating multiple copies of your files. You can even view dynamic changes by using Animate Mode or render 3D models to observe how and where your changes are taking place.

Reduce, Re-use, Real-Time
FME Desktop is not just for one-time data integration tasks. Build workflows that help you combat recurring data tasks and even automatically run your workflows with FME Server.

Extend what you’ve built in FME Desktop to become event-based workflows that integrate data, send notifications, or upload data to your cloud storage network. Connect your FME Desktop workflows to FME Server Automations directly with the Automations writer.

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