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ESRI ArcGIS Pro 1.2 with Data Interoperability

《ESRI ArcGIS Pro 1.2 with Data Interoperability》
作为 Esri 地理空间云的一部分,ArcGIS Pro 是 Esri 推出的功能强大的单桌面 GIS 应用程序。 ArcGIS Pro 在技术上领先于市场上的其他产品,支持 2D 和 3D 模式下的数据可视化、高级分析和权威数据维护。 ArcGIS Pro 与 ArcGIS 平台紧密结合,支持通过 Web GIS 在 ArcGIS Online 和 ArcGIS Enterprise 中共享数据。


可基于多个数据源来创建智能美观的地图。 使用功能强大的 2D 和 3D 分析工具可确定模式和趋势。 然后,将该信息在组织内共享、在线共享以及通过移动应用程序共享,以充分进行利用。


可在任何地图比例下使用直观、智能的制图工具创建令人惊叹的 2D 和 3D 地图,以用于打印、应用程序、仪表盘和 web。


组合各种来源和格式的数据。 ArcGIS Pro 支持行业和社区标准,以确保包含您拥有的所有数据集。


在 2D 和 3D 模式下同时显示数据。 在单个基于工程的工作流中管理多个地图和布局。


使用上下文相关工具简化数据编辑和分析。 执行交互式 2D 和 3D 分析。 使用 ModelBuilder 或 Python 自动进行工作。


将地图和分析结果发布为 web 服务或高质量打印文稿。 在 ArcGIS Online、ArcGIS Enterprise 中共享地图和数据,或将其作为包共享。

ESRI ArcGIS Pro 1.2 with Data Interoperability | 1.5 Gb

ESRI is pleased to announce the availability of ArcGIS Pro 1.2. This release includes a vast set of new features and enhancements.

What’s new in ArcGIS Pro 1.2


Three licensing options
Before the 1.2 release, the only licensing option available for ArcGIS Pro was through Named User licensing. This license model required authorization through your organization administrator in your ArcGIS Enterprise portal or ArcGIS Online. At 1.2, you now have two new licensing models available that don’t require you to go through ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online: Single Use and Concurrent licensing. With a Single Use license, ArcGIS Pro points to a file for authorization. The file is stored on the same machine that runs ArcGIS Pro. With Concurrent licensing, a given number of licenses are hosted on a License Manager (the ArcGIS License Server Administrator). ArcGIS Pro is then configured to allow organization members to check out an available license from the pool of licences hosted on the License Manager.

Vector tiles
ArcGIS Pro 1.2 introduces vector tile creation. Vector tiles, like image tiles, are stored on a server and are used to draw data quickly at multiple scales. Rather than drawing pixels like image tiles, vector tiles store generalized representations of vector features. This means that vector tiles adapt to the resolution of the display of whatever device they are drawn on. The styling of vector tiles can be specified without re-creating tiles, and vector tiles can adapt to rotation, meaning that labels remain readable even when the orientation of the data changes.

Vector tiles are global basemap tile services for use with the ArcGIS configurable web apps and custom apps built with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Vector tile layers can be added to web maps as operational or basemap layers. They are created in ArcGIS Pro using the Create Vector Tile Package geoprocessing tool. The resulting vector tile package (*.vtpk file) can be published to ArcGIS Online or an ArcGIS Enterprise portal.

In support of vector tile creation, you can specify the scale range at which individual symbol classes are drawn when they are categorized by unique value or graduated colors. This can limit the amount of detailed data that draws at smaller scales—resulting in smaller tiles—without having to duplicate data in multiple layers.

Share layers that reference registered data
When sharing to an ArcGIS Enterprise portal, you can now share map image layers that reference registered data sources. With this option enabled, changes to your source data are instantly visible in your web layer—there is no need to overwrite the web layer to gather data updates.

Map image layers can be shared with associated feature and WMS layers. And they can be shared to any federated server to which you have access.

The alternative to referencing registered data is copying the data to the server. After the data is copied to the server and the web layer is shared, you can make updates to a local copy of the data before overwriting the previously shared data and web layer on the server. You control when the updates are moved to the server and exposed.

Publish 3D local scenes to ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise
Web scenes can now be shared from a local view using a projected coordinate system. This is useful for projected datasets and when you have existing basemaps in the same projected coordinate system. The local web scene can be viewed in both ArcGIS Pro and the scene viewer.

Publish 3D point layers as web scene layers to ArcGIS Enterprise portals
3D point layers can now be shared as scene layers to ArcGIS Enterprise portals. This enables improved visualization and performance of large point datasets including preset symbols. 3D point layers can be shared as individual web scene layers or as part of a web scene and can be consumed back into ArcGIS Pro or in the scene viewer.

ArcGIS is a platform for organizations to create, manage, share, and analyze spatial data. It consists of server components, mobile and desktop applications, and developer tools. This platform can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud (Amazon, Azure) with ArcGIS Enterprise, or used via ArcGIS Online which is hosted and managed by Esri.

ArcGIS Pro is a modern, fast, and powerful GIS application for building beautiful maps in 2D and 3D, analyzing your data, and authoring geographic knowledge. This gives you the power to examine relationships, test predictions, and ultimately make better decisions.

Esri is the global market leader in geographic information system (GIS) technology, location intelligence, mapping software, and spatial analytics. Esri software is deployed in more than 350,000 organizations and 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies. The world’s largest cities, most national governments, and more than 7,000 colleges and universities use Esri technology to improve operational and business results. Since 1969, Esri has helped customers unlock the full potential of data with its pioneering commitment to geospatial information technology. Esri builds ArcGIS, the world’s most powerful geospatial cloud platform, and engineers the most advanced solutions for digital transformation, the Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced analytics.

Product: ESRI ArcGIS
Version: Pro 1.2 with Data Interoperability
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page : https://desktop.arcgis.com/
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 1.5 Gb



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