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Xmanager Power Suite 6 Build 0183 Multilingual

《Xmanager Power Suite 6 Build 0183 Multilingual》

xmanager power suite 6 是一款强大好用的会话管理工具,主要适用于网络管理人员使用,可以轻松连接远程服务器时行各种操作,拥有人性化的操作界面,支持对话进行创建、编辑、删除或者同时启动多个会话操作,支持将UNIX / Linux桌面环境带入到windows pc版本中,新版本优化了性能,增加了全新的支持,能够大大地提高管理人员的效率,节省对应的时间.

xmanager power suite 6包含产品


Xbrowser使用xdcmp 协议通过图形化桌面远程可以连接到Unix/Linux主机


xconfig是linux下X Window环境中用于配制的一个工具,和menuconfig相似,但用法更友好方便


Xftp是一个用于MS Windows平台的强大的FTP和SFTP文件传输程序。Xftp让你能安全地在Unix/Linux和Windows PC之间传输文件


Xlpd是一个用于MS Windows平台的LPD(行式打印机虚拟后台程序)应用程序。安装了Xlpd后,你的带有打印机的本地PC就成为了一个打印服务器,来自不同远程系统的打印任务都能在网络环境中得到请求和处理。

5、Xmanager – Broadcast


6、Xmanager – Passive



Xshell是一个用于MS Windows平台的强大的SSH,TELNET,和RLOGIN终端仿真软件。它使得用户能轻松和安全地从Windows PC上访问Unix/Linux主机










Xmanager Power Suite 6   | 99.5 Mb

Xmanager Power Suite is an all-in-one solution that includes Xmanager, Xshell, Xftp and Xlpd in a single suite. Xmanager runs X window applications, and Xshell manages remote Unix/Linux servers with a secure terminal. Xftp transfers files between systems securely, and Xlpd runs local printing for remote documents on other systems.

Centralize Scattered System Resources and Reduce TCO
Companies using various operating systems may find their system resources scattered over the network due to multiple X applications and file systems. Xmanager Power Suite 6 solves this issue by allowing users to access all scattered resources directly from their desktop. Having a central location that allows users to access applications remotely, upgrades and maintenance become easily manageable and reduce TCO.

Interoperability for Maximum Productivity
All programs included in this suite share a common SSH (Secure Shell) security module to interoperate with one another conveniently and efficiently. With all the various features integrated into a single suite, customers can experience an easier time with purchase, installation, maintenance, as well as a reduced total cost of ownership.

Session Manager
As a dockable pane in your main Xmanager and Xshell window, you’ll have immediate access to all the essentials required for session management. Easily view, create, edit, and delete sessions on the fly and launch multiple sessions simultaneously. It’s never been easier to manage your sessions!

Dockable UI
Xmanager and Xshell main windows incorporate an all new Dockable UI. Utilize Drag & Drop to choose where to place your Session Manager, Compose Bar, Quick Command sets, etc. The UI provides even more functionality to Xmanager Power Suite’s already customizable configuration.

Enhanced Password Encryption with Master Password
Set a user defined string as your Master Password to add a layer of encryption to your session file passwords. The Master Password encrypts the passphrase used to connect to the server (password), the user key’s passphrase (passphrase), and the password string contained within the session file. Safely store your session files in the cloud to share between devices.

SSH PKCS#11 Support
The PKCS#11 protocol enables users to securely store the user’s private keys using a hardware token(HSM) for added security. Xmanager Power Suite 6 also supports GSSAPI, Password, Public Key, and the Keyboard Interactive authentication methods.

System Requirements
Operating System:
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 1,
Windows Server 2012, Windows Vista Service Pack 1
Microsoft Windows Terminal Server, Citrix MetaFrame for Windows
CPU: Intel® Pentium or faster
Memory: 512 MB
Hard Disk: 200 MB

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