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Corel PaintShop Pro Ultimate 2020 v22.2.0.8 Multilanguage

《Corel PaintShop Pro Ultimate 2020 v22.2.0.8 Multilanguage》
PaintShop® Pro 2020是一套经济实惠的相片编辑与图形设计软体,不受订阅限。利用专业的影像编辑工具提升相片效果,或使用全新的色盘、笔刷、渐层、花纹及材质创作效果独特的设计。我们简化了使用者介面以提升浏览速度,并针对您最常使用的工具进行改良,更提供了全新工作区以符合您的专业程度,让您尽情创作。

x86,x64 | Languages:Multilanguage | File Size: 678 MB

Your Photoshop alternative, designed by you. Experience a professional photo editor designed by the passionate photo enthusiasts who use it. PaintShopВ® Pro Ultimate 2020 is your affordable, user-centric alternative to Photoshop—with every new feature inspired by user ideas. Make compelling compositions and impactful design projects using a complete set of professional image editing tools. This latest version delivers a faster, more robust PaintShop Pro, that’s easier to use and more creative than ever…….



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