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GiliSoft Private Disk 10.0.0

《GiliSoft Private Disk 10.0.0》

GiliSoft Private Disk是一个强大、实时、易用的磁盘加密软件。将帮助您创建和管理您的PC安全,密码保护,虚拟磁盘。






File size: 12 MB

GiliSoft Private Disk protects information with the strongest encryption algorithm known today – AES 256-bit. Besides offering state-of-the-art, trustworthy and reliable AES 256-bit NIST certified encryption, GiliSoft Private Disk provides additional protection for your confidential information by employing its innovative Disk Image Hide method. The Disk Image Hide protects your data by application, ensuring that no viruses, trojans, spyware or any other malware will harm or steal your valuable information. It also protects data on USB flash drives – you can work with the encrypted files on any computer without installing the software locally.

Hide your private images/videos in private disk
Encrypt files with AES 256-bit Encryption
Specifically Tested and Have NIST certification
Hiding Disk Image after unmount
Create Portable Private Disk for USB storage
Mount Multiple Disks Simultaneously…….

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version



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