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Datamine Studio RM v1.5.62.0 x64

《Datamine Studio RM v1.5.62.0 x64》

Datamine Studio RM是业界比较知名的一款地质储备评估工具,采用新的用户界面和可信的多参数建模功能,主要用于结构建模、等级评估、资源和储备模型设计等,在准确度、集成、自动化、沟通方面拥有出色的表现

Datamine Studio RM v1.x (x64) | 851 Mb
Studio RM is the latest update of Datamine’s industry-leading tool for resource and reserve evaluation with a proven track record of over 30 years, replacing Studio 3. With its new activity-based user interface and trusted multi-parametric modelling capabilities, Studio RM is even more powerful and easier to use than its predecessors to deliver corporate resource and reserve information with the quality, accuracy and reliability required by geologists, management and downstream users.

Datamine Studio RM

Product: Datamine Studio RM
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : http://www.dataminesoftware.com
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 877.9 mb



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