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Air Explorer Pro 2.6.0 Multilingual

《Air Explorer Pro 2.6.0 Multilingual》

air explorer pro是款功能相当不错的云存储资源管理工具;它支持对大多数的云服务器进行访问的操作,也可以通过这款软件来快速的对您需要的各种云服务器进行管理,也多国内外的服务器资源进行支持,让您轻松的即可完成各种数据的传输,包括了对账号的添加,管理、文件的移动等等

Air Explorer Pro 2.x | 3.2 MB

Air Explorer supports the best cloud servers: OneDrive, Google Drive, 4shared, Box, Dropbox, Mega, Copy, Mediafire, Yandex, Baidu y WebDAV. Air Explorer Pro -Get all the features of Air Explorer in the pro version for one year or lifetime.

Direct management of your files in the cloud
– Optionally Air Explorer can encrypt your files when you upload them to the cloud
– Sets up multiple accounts from the same server
– You can synchronize folders between any cloud or your computer

Multiply your storage space by joining all your clouds
– Copy/Paste between cloud servers
– Pause and continue uploads and downloads
– Air Exlorer can share files
– Centralize search of your files across all the clouds

Cloud file explorer easy to use
– Application available for Windows
– Thumbnail view of your pictures
– Drag’n drop files between your computer and the clouds

Plugins system to add cloud servers
– Independent development of plugins
– Contact us if you want to develop or suggest a cloud plugin

Home Page – http://www.airexplorer.net/en/index.php

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链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1JnKPUvNkSP4XyInfH2pQ_g 提取码: gdm9



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