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ANSYS 2019R3 nCode DesignLife

《ANSYS 2019R3 nCode DesignLife》
nCode DesignLife是一款疲劳寿命预测有限元计算分析软件,可对产品进行耐久性设计.分析.,.试验以及管理硬件和软件工具,避免模拟分析您的产品是否超过过度实际负载。30多年来,nCode的产品已经建立了领先的疲劳技术,开拓了世界上第一个商用的,现成的有限元分析为基础的疲劳工具,在90年代初。 从那时起,nCode的产品继续投资于尖端技术,为大型模型尺寸和逼真的负载调度解决方案的开发。 独特的功能,包括预测疲劳分析的频域模拟振动台试验的能力。


ANSYS 2019R3 nCode DesignLife | 3.0 Gb

HBM, a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Spectris plc, a group specialized in precision instrumentation and electronic controls, announced the release of ANSYS 2019R3 nCode DesignLife, the leading brand for engineering data analysis solutions with special concentration in fatigue and durability.

ANSYS nCode DesignLife. works with ANSYS Mechanical to reliably evaluate fatigue life. Using the results of finite element analysis (FEA) from ANSYS Mechanical, it calculates stresses and strains, then cumulates damage from repetitive loading to determine a product’s predicted life. You can quickly evaluate the effects of different materials and alternative geometries for new designs, and then optimize them for the product’s expected usage — long before the first prototype is built.

Once created, the fatigue process can be captured and reused. Engineers without fatigue expertise can evaluate modified product designs to determine the updated product life. Start-to-end automation avoids the majority of errors and ensures consistency, especially in large organizations in which multiple engineers might be analyzing the results.

ANSYS nCode DesignLife, the industry-leading tool for durability analysis, gives you a comprehensive diagnostic fatigue process to predict your product’s operational lifetime. It is fully integrated into ANSYS Workbench for ease of use and smooth workflow. You can create complex loading “duty cycles” based on measurements that represent real-life forces on products, or use anticipated loading histories.

ANSYS 2019 R2 nCode DesignLife provides a suite of engineering software products in a single desktop environment. This is a specific version of DesignLife that is available through the ANSYS Partner Solutions Program and uses ANSYSGridWorks Units licensing. DesignLife is part of a wider range of nCode software products from HBM. The four main product components of nCode are GlyphWorks, for graphical data processing, VibeSys, for acoustics and vibration analysis, DesignLife, for CAE fatigue analysis applications, and Automation Personal Edition, for data storage and analysis.

This video shows the steps to use ANSYS DesignLife to estimate the fatigue life of a component under static loading. The integration of nCode DesignLife within the ANSYS Workbench environment is shown in this step-by-step presentation.

Founded in 1970, ANSYS employs nearly 3,000 professionals, many of whom are expert M.S. and Ph.D.-level engineers in finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, electronics, semiconductors, embedded software and design optimization. Our exceptional staff is passionate about pushing the limits of world-class simulation technology so our customers can turn their design concepts into successful, innovative products faster and at lower cost. As a measure of our success in attaining these goals, ANSYS has been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies by prestigious publications such as Bloomberg Businessweek and FORTUNE magazines.

Product: ANSYS nCode DesignLife
Version: 2019R3
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : http://www.ansys.com
Language: english
System Requirements: PC / Linux *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Software Prerequisites: *
Size: 3.0 Gb



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