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Veritas System Recovery Multilingual

《Veritas System Recovery Multilingual》

Veritas System Recovery 堪称 Windows® 系统恢复的金牌标准。它能在几分钟内 让企业从系统失效或灾难等状况中恢复,而不需要几个小时或几天的时间。Veritas System Recovery 可提供快速且易于使用的系统还原功能,能够帮助 IT 管理员实 现恢复时间的目标。您甚至可以对包含不同的服务器、台式机、便携式计算机的硬 件环境和虚拟环境运行完整的裸机恢复。它也能够使用 LightsOut Restore 恢复无 人值守的远程系统。 Veritas System Recovery 会捕获完整的使用中 Windows 系统的恢复点。备份内容 包含操作系统、应用程序、系统设置、文件和其他项。可以方便地将恢复点保存到 各种介质或磁盘存储设备上,包括 SAN、NAS、直接连接存储、RAID 等等。当系 统出现故障时,您可以迅速将其恢复,而无需手动执行冗长且易于出错的过程。
Veritas System Recovery Management Solution 是一款集中式管理应用程序。它能 够以为 IT 管理员提供整个组织的系统恢复工作视图,使您一目了然。您可以集中部 署、修改和维护本地和远程系统的恢复活动、作业和策略。您也能监视实时状态并 快速解决发现的任何问题。

Veritas System Recovery 18.x Multilingual | 806 Mb

Ensuring rapid, reliable disaster recovery across your entire infrastructure can be complicated and costly. With Veritas System Recovery, you can minimize downtime and avoid the impact of disaster by easily recovering in minutes, whether you’re restoring a single file or email to an entire machine-physical or virtual..

• Reduce complexity with a single solution that protects servers, laptops and virtual machines
• Protect data and systems quickly, efficiently and frequently with image-based backup
• Minimize the disruption of system failure with fast, flexible, reliable recovery

Leverage a simple solution
• Easily protect and recover business-critical assets

• Use one interface to protect laptops, servers, and virtual machines
• Run a single backup job to protect a whole machine, including the system, data, and applications
• Restore granular objects direct from the storage device

Get efficient protection
• Protect quickly, frequently, and effectively

• Gain cloud resiliency including Amazon S3 and Azure
• Minimize storage consumption by protecting only those data blocks that have changed
• Benefit from rapid performance with image-based backup
• Realize quick, automated restore, direct to the data source

Enable reliable recovery
• Ensure recovery whatever your choice of hardware

• Get trusted bare metal restore to the same or different hardware
• Recover individual Exchange emails, SharePoint documents, files, and folders or whole machines
• Automatically duplicate backup data to the cloud or a second site for additional resiliency

New in Veritas System Recovery 18:
• Today’s organizations must respond quickly to a changing business environment that includes cloud and security challenges. Veritas has expanded System Recovery portfolio to meet all these challenges.

• Fast backup to leading public cloud storage including Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure
• Automatically duplicate backup data to the cloud or a second site for additional resiliency
• Support for Microsoft’s latest Server Operating System, including Restore Anyware™ technology for dissimilar hardware and P2V restoration
• Enhanced Linux Environment Support
• Improved security with new support for SMTP with TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

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