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《MXROAD V8i (SELECTSeries 4)》



Bentley MXROAD 是一款基于线性基础的高级建模工具,可用于快速、准确地进行所有道路类型的设计。借助 MXROAD,您可以快速创建多个备选设计方案以获得“理想”的道路系统。选定最终方案后,MXROAD 可自动完成大部分设计细化处理,为用户节省时间和金钱.

MXROAD V8i (SELECTSeries 4) | 1.5 Gb

The Bentley product team is pleased to announce the availability of MXROAD V8i (SELECTSeries 4), is a combination of tools, solutions and software for road design and modelling.

This release provides an update to the (SELECTseries 4) versions of InRoads, GEOPAK, MX, and PowerCivil for Country product lines for user reported defects in the respective application and in OpenRoads technology or Subsurface Utility Engineering available as capability with the respective products.

The following summarizes the new features and enhancements in this release:

719170 Design Stage pick list in Element Information will not scroll to bottom of list.
367881 Upgrading Civil V8i (SELECTseries 3) DGN to (SELECTseries 4) gives exception. Occurs with specific data.
378345 Resolved 3MX attachments issue when referencing a DGN with a 3MX or directly referencing a 3MX file.
738579 ProjectWise Managed Workspace error with ProjectWise CONNECT V10.00.02.265.
471781 Program crashes as DGN is loading.
195645 Crash after opening older DGN files.
496118 Crash opening DGN file with specific data.
379491 Crash when hovering over ramp alignment.
355587 Crash occurs when exiting the product.
774854 Linear features are not processing correctly.
766244 After attaching a reference file, editing a point feature crashes the product.
697070 User requests a way to turn OFF Best Match Feature code.
699214 Cannot edit points of multiple linear features – menu option ghosted out.
132286 Survey not assigning correct “Settings” to model.
534919 Leica DBX (*.xcf) import truncates attribute values to 10 characters.
675949 JPT code is not getting parsed correctly.
675949 DIST code is not getting parsed correctly.
675955 Each note line in a raw data file should come in as an individual line.
Terrain Model
564111 Create Complex Terrain creates terrain scaled by metric/imperial conversion (3.28).
677703 Profile Intersect Point is not working for trimmed interval intersection.
614235 Profile from Surface yields incorrect elevations on new profile created at offset from baseline.
685387 Profile by Variable Slope from Element does not honor start and end distance values.
562485 Profile by Vertical Offset to Element tool results in a profile does not get created with station limits.
3511796 Place Point with feature definition define yields exception.
403928 Project Profile Range to Element: Incorrect Projections occur with the attached data set.
385721 Complex Redefine is not working correctly with specific data and workflow.
385039 Quick Profile from Surface is failing on closed complex geometry.
207691 Profile curve between points: Editing parameter value is flipping the curve from sag to crest.
371537 Overlay Vertical Adjustment tool resultant Vertical Alignment was orphaned if no name “Corridor profile”.
369792 Corridor > Template Drop: End template drop Station is incorrect when the template drop range spans a station equation.
395212 Point Control > Corridor Feature does not allow selection of a linear template 3d linear-Invalid Element warning.
439238 Corridor Clipping did not operate when the DGN file contained shifted Global Origins.
384341 The Processing Linear Template yield an exception with specific data.
726033 Key station and Point Controls not using locked input values.
804656 Corridor Files yield exception and stale graphics.
761669 Superelevation Rule Editor Crash.
795665 Examples Workspace > The End condition for targeting an XYZ alignment was not starting at the template origin.
575389 Linear Template’s Start and Stop Station was not maintaining horizontal geometry station values correctly.
692115 Point Control and Key Station stations that were typed in were not maintained.
Dynamic Cross Sections & Cross Section Sheeting
174819 Cross Sections: Top to Bottom Option does not work.
438000 Create and Annotate Cross Section Sheets per ANZ standards.
676732 Create Cross Sections from linestrings gave incorrect length of end condition components and existing ground surface.
471885 Create Cross Sections: Station of GEOPAK Cell does not match Cross Section station label when chord defined curves exist.
691372 Crash when mouse hovers over any cell in Dynamic Cross Section View.
264274 Crash occurred when hovering over ROW cell in Dynamic Cross Section View.
783559 Creating a Dynamic Cross Section View yield an exception when cutting along an alignment, data specific.
783619 Deleting Dynamic Cross Section View yield an exception with certain data.
784439 Dynamic cross section crashed placing temporary dimension lines when XSEC.CEL file is in MS_CELLLIST path.
Subsurface Utilities Design and Analysis (SUDA)
778706 The top part of a node may be inverted when placed referenced to an open shape corridor component.
778708 A gutter link which uses depth versus captured flow does not work with a trapezoidal gutter shape.
778709 and 651575 The Longitudinal Slope property of a catch basin may be reset to 0 when changing the design or computing.
389006 Point Feature Station Offset Elevation report tool now allows to select SUE node.
485510 Edits to the position of a node position located using Civil AccuDraw that cause it to be outside the limits of the geometry or the terrain model do not heal when corrected.
778714 The Tap Element is placed on the Default level in the 3D model.
726092 A conduit will not display in cross section sheets unless its shape is set to circular.
485501 Nodes placed with Civil Accudraw – Station/Offset crash if based geometry was no longer found in reference.
748745 The properties of a conduit now include a field called “Length (Construction)”. This is the 3D length of the conduit between the connection regions, which is the length that will be constructed.
Product Specific Fixes
528275 MX> Page Setup – Incorrect user permissions applied that prevent use of page layout tools.
798642 MX > Program hangs with MX Display Tool Bar.
736291 MX> Tips Files Issues.
650324 MX> infraSUBDIV throws a run time error in MXRoad.
731225 MXTools> Problems with SS4 Latest.
357658 MX> OpenRoads to MX Data Transfer.
755442 MX> Include the updated UK and AU bonus tools.
289223 MX> Geometry Import issue with data containing reverse curves.
478697 MX> Geometry was not importing to Civil Geometry correctly.
613693 GEOPAK> DTM>Extract graphics>certain elements types caused crash.
408223 Create Cross Section does not create GEOPAK Cross Section Cell when running from linestrings with more than two vertices.



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